Гимн W5

The trigger's down

The strain is on

The fire rage crashes ever more

Aheads the way only to trim

With burning strides towards the ring

Blood's not flowing as it froze

Nerves are strung as tough as ropes

It is time to hit the gong
 Get ready,

Combat Show is on


The call of fighting soul is more than life

No fear, no pain, it is beyond all of that

5 Continents are in the fight of time

It's everlasting
 It is W5

Verse 2

How can it be described 

When you feel straight?

This feeling just tells you what you'll make

The challenge is yours you're gonna break

Any resistance on your way

Until the last breath, until the last drop

Until bitter ending final shot

Hang on to your hat, it will be a storm

It's start of a combat show...


It's W5 get ready!

It's battle field only for the strong

It's champion's way to make it

Fight to survive and win the show

To be the one to know

Oh it is time to hit the gong

Get ready - Combat Show is on!